Ruby on Rails for Web & Mobile Applications

Web development and web application development have taken increasingly to open source software, the web platform and its related technologies over the past several years now. Both performance and scalability have acquired newer, higher norms with Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails, built from the Basecamp project by David Heinemeier Hansson, is a framework for rapid web application development. An object oriented programming language, Ruby has taken the concept from Smalltalk, ease of use from Python and flow from Pearl. Rails is a comprehensive open source framework for developing database supported web applications and dynamic websites using the model view controller (MVC) architecture.
With a database and web server combined with the Rails web development environment, a Ruby on Rails developer can build simple complete web applications with rich functionality and interactivity. Because of the flexibility it provides, Ruby on Rails is well suited for ecommerce development, content management, collaboration and online communities (social networking). Rails works well with a wide range of web servers and databases making it easy to deploy web solutions.
The main features of Ruby on Rails (RoR) development include a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture that separates data from logic. The Rails database access library simplifies data handling. The Rails framework consists of extensive AJAX libraries. Ruby uses this library to generate AJAX code and the required Java script is automatically generated.
The Ruby on Rails framework includes the following packages:
ActiveRecord, ActiveResource (Active Web Service Package), ActionPack, Active Support, ActionMailer. The Ruby on Rails programmer can customize these packages by adding plug-ins. Ruby on Rails programmers can also extend the existing functionalities of these packages.
Ruby on Rails development companies help develop database driven web applications. Flickr is an example of a web application developed for sharing photos on web. Ruby on rails developers can design simple and logical web applications. Database driven websites share a common set of parameters. Rails handles the code for connecting an application to its database. MVC for application development separates data from logic. The scaffolding technology of the Rails framework creates the skeleton application that contains model, view and controller components. The controller performs all the actions of the application.
Ruby on Rails development is used by the Ruby on Rails developer for providing object oriented and component based web application development services. Ruby on rails development companies provide Ruby on Rails developers, Ruby programmers and Rails experts.
The need for web development tools has led many companies to produce sophisticated tools to help the Ruby on Rails programmer create and deploy impressive and highly functional web sites.
Ruby on Rails is a fully developed web frameworks that allow programmers to create a fully functional web site using one program. Ruby on Rails offers a full version on the free open source space. Ruby on Rails being open source, it is constantly worked on and improved by Ruby on Rails programmers to improving and enhancing its features and making it easier to use.
Ruby on Rails also allows more agile development in comparison to other technologies such as PHP.


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