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Our Privacy Policy
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When you submit your details and agree to all the terms mentioned in this privacy policy, you accept and consent to disclosure and use of your personal data as required by the company. In case you have any objections to possible uses described in this privacy policy, you can inform company representatives to discuss the matter.
Data Protection
When you interact with our website, we may gather necessary data from the personal information you submit on It will help us for basic decisions and even improve service for you. In addition to this, your personal data will also help us prevent spamming and other malicious activities.
We will never divulge your personal info or other details unless it is required by Government, Judicial, Law Enforcement bodies or other regulatory authorities. We don’t share, lend, loan or lease your personal or financial details to any third parties. Thus, your info is completely safe and secure.
Our site uses cookies very intelligently. Basically, cookies are files that can recognize your computer to our website’s server. Cookies don’t identify any specific users, but the computer that’s being used by them. This’s a very common practice by most sites to record and count visits and even traffic flow. You can choose to avert the basic use of cookies.

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